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PAVES CORPORATION has the experience, team members, and equipment resources necessary to complete all paving projects.  With equipment resources ranging from sidewalk and pathway pavers, to mid sized pavers designed for driveways and small parking lots - all the way up to large state of the art highway pavers - along with the same wide ranged fleet of rollers, PAVES will always have the right equipment for your job, no matter how large or small.  

With our experienced teams of paving operators and laborers, many of which having experience with the regions largest paving contractors, you can be guaranteed that your project will be expertly executed.

Regardless of if your project is a major roadway, a large parking lot, or an individual driveway - PAVES brings the same resources, care, and expertise to you.  We guarantee our work, so you can have the ease of mind that your investment is safe.



Along with providing an exemplary product and service to our customers, PAVES understands that logistics, planning, and coordination is very important.  


A lot of project sites house ongoing businesses with their own customers, clients, and delivery/service needs.  We pride ourselves on working cohesively with  business owners, land owners, and property managers / real estate firms to minimize  any property down time, or disruption to business.

We are astute in forecasting project timelines, which aids in coordinating parking/traffic patterns and getting the job done quickly.

Where necessary, we will perform 'under the lights' - and will get your project done during night time hours, so the next morning, there are no construction delays or inconveniences.




PAVES  is also a great choice to contract for various non commercial projects such as driveways, tennis courts, roadways, and more.

We bring that same experience working with industrial and commercial customers to home owners, condo associations, management companies, and general contractors.


 PAVES has successfully completed various residential paving projects, and prides itself on communication and logistics planning. 


Our ability to coordinate a recent project which consisted of milling, and repaving of a fully developed and lived in residential community, brought high praise from residents and board members, after having experienced a failed experience with another paving company.


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