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PAVES CORPORATION  is a Boston area based, full service paving and asphalt services company.   Our main concentration areas are Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 


PAVES was founded under the concept of competitively bringing the service level, project quality, and expertise that would be expected from a heavy highway construction company, to the commercial, industrial, and private sectors.  


From our management team having worked in the industry for over 40 years, to the crews working on our jobs, PAVES brings to our customers the sense of comfort that your project is being completed by individuals that have experience in working on everything from driveways, parking lots, and roads - right up to major interstate highways.  PAVES team members working on our projects come from many of the areas largest paving contractors, and have performed on the largest road construction and pavement surfacing projects in the region.  We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to project size and scope, and bring the highest concentrated effort levels to all of our projects.   


Along with having a stringent safety program, we believe that efficient performance is not only critical to a project's success, but provides the ability to control scheduling and budgetary requirements for any scope of work.   


We understand that many property owners and management companies sometimes shy away from performing much needed upgrades and improvements to their properties, for fear of interference with daily traffic and parking needs.  The solution to this is choosing a pavement service contractor that can not only control its entire project, but also be available to you 24 hours a day. 


The PAVES team’s performance capabilities, allows our total control and performance across all jobs.  PAVES does its own milling, reclaiming, grading, paving – and other ancillary services.  We are logistically set up to perform during day time hours, as well as overnight.  One of the big advantages to using PAVES for your project, is that because we control all aspects of the job, there is no costly downtime while waiting for, and having to schedule around third party calendars and availability.  


For this reason, the foundation of PAVES CORP. is built on our commitment to deliver optimum performance, safety and results to our clients.  PAVES prides itself on completing projects safely, while consistently meeting our client's expectations in quality and project execution. 

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